Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Hard Day In The Office

OK, hands-up, guilty as charged. I'm on holiday. What do you mean "again"?

Taking a day and a half to head into the Sierras, staying at the up-market Chateau du Sureau in Oakhust. Back Sunday.

Ate here last night. Very high-end stuff with lots of emulsions and foams on the menu, making it read a bit like an industrial chemistry script in places. Food was very good though. We broke the rules and decided not to go with the $95, 6 course menu, instead picking stuff that seemed interesting. What's worse, I deleted sweetbreads from a dish, doubtless much to the further dismay of the chef.

Highly recommend both the hotel and the restaurant. Will post some shots and write some more when I get back (this is from a guest laptop in the open areas.)

Happy Labour-Day Weekend to one and all. And please, don't head to Yosemite. It's going to be crowded, OK??

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