Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sex With Road Signs

Yup, that's the heading, and that what's you get here.

Not much to add, really, other than to point out that Sioux Falls should probably be deleted from the top 10 places to take your granny out for a nice quiet drive round the city.

Well, actually, I suppose there is one loose end we should tie up (hmm, might want to re-phrase that): just how does one actually,err, manage it? At least, without a step-ladder, that is, as most traffic signs are quite a way off the ground. And sharp, let's not forget sharp.

Oh, one other question. Is having sex with a "Stop" sign viewed as rape?


Steve Ballmer said...

Dude I saw big G yesterday!

J said...

If you mean Gates, I'm not surprised; if you mean God, you need to cut back on the meds. Seriously. Or try a different dealer.