Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Apple Turnover?

Away from the hype machine that's wrapped around stuff like iPhones, Apple TV etc., life, liberty and the pursuit of revenue goals goes on. Next up on the refresh front at Apple is the iMac.

New models look interesting - certainly from a design point of view - and the pricing isn't too bad either, starting at $1,200. (600 quid - hard to beat that!)

Unsurprisingly, Apple has gone for a "no box" approach, delivering just a keyboard (which can be wireless) and a screen, with the housing for the latter also containing the motherboard and included storage, once again taking the lead in terms of PC industrial design.

On the software side, the thing that looked most interesting to me was the video editing software that deals well with HD, apparently. If this turns out to be for-real then it might tip me over the edge to the point where I feel the need to try one, jumping back to the Apple camp after 17 years. Well, no sense in rushing these things, eh?

Note: in the interests of full disclosure, I just wasted two hours trying to fix a problem with our home Windows PC and got precisely nowhere. Therefore, the above insanity may just be temporary. Or not.

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