Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Brain Hurts

Thanks to Jerry (you know who you are) for poking at me on the trepanation thing. It is one of those morbidly fascinating oddities that the complexities of the human psyche throws at medical science, doubtless revealing a lot about subtle ways in which our anxieties and hopes can push us beyond the rational. Or, it's just a bunch of weirdos who want to drill holes in their heads. Whatever. But it does leave a lasting impression once you've heard of it; of course, you can double that impact if you are stupid enough to try it.

There was a fascinating documentary in the UK, that I think is the one referred to in the Wikipedia entry, in which I recall a blond woman describing how she managed to perform the operation on herself using a Black & Decker drill. Oddly enough, they never used it in any subsequent advertising campaigns; can't think why not.

All sorts of benefits are claimed, and yes, there's a web-site you can look at, authored by the bloke who seems to be leading the charge these days for one's bonce having built-in air-conditioning. And it's one strange web-site I have to say, looking like a mashup created by the Masons and L. Ron Hubbard. Take a look, but not after you've had your bedtime cocoa otherwise the sleep man might not come-a-knocking that night.

Everything considered, I think I'll pass. Might send the link to Fake Steve Jobs though - he's into all this sort of metaphysical stuff and it might just trigger the next must-have iPod design: cork-shaped, of course. "Apple - a head full of music"? Hard to beat copy like that.

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