Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SFO => LHR Part 2

Isaac Newton, Trinity College, Cambridge

Amazingly enough, we arrived into Heathrow 20 minutes early. I had a look around as I was heading to immigration and it seemed pretty quiet. There was no real queue in T1 to transfer to other flights, a miracle in itself as during the summer the line often stretches out of the security area down the adjacent corridors, and can take well over 30 minutes to clear.

Weather here in the UK is, quite frankly, awful. Got soaked today going from car to meeting venues and back again. It feels like a California winter day when one of the Pacific storms is sitting over the Santa Cruz mountains. In short, the exact opposite of last summer over here which was one of the best ever.

Fun to be in Cambridge after so many years, though, and looking forward to getting into London tonight.

Oh, and Bobby, we're off to Chutney Mary's this evening so review of food to follow!


I said...

If you have spare time on your hands let me know. Am home alone as family went to Belfast today. I go friday night...

J said...

Thanks! Will let you know but most likely things will end up being pretty packed-in.

bayarearunner said...

looking forward to the review!