Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cleaning The Glass Ceiling

Cleaning Crew, British Museum Glass Roof

A few years ago, happy gamblers in the UK funded, via the National Lottery, a scheme to glass-in what was an ugly and unused central courtyard within the British Museum. Look back at yesterday's post and you'll see its graceful lattice structure in the background. Anyway, having been there numerous times since it was first unveiled, I always wondered how they cleaned it. This time around, I got my question answered: two blokes, a mop and a bucket!

Whatever works, I guess.

(If you are wondering why the recent pictures are all in black-and-white, blame it on the weather. As per usual practice for a UK summer, it was either raining or about to rain.)


I said...

So how do they refill their buckets?

J said...

Err, good question, but doesn't it look like they have hoses snaked across the roof as well or are those safety lines? Hmm, will likely have to remain one of life's enduring mysteries!