Monday, August 13, 2007

Chocks Away

As mentioned earlier, time to get back on the road after a quiet few weeks, thanks largely to the summer lull. US this week, Europe next, and thrilled to see I timed this just right to coincide with a global warming protest at Heathrow. Oh, joy.

Challenging quarter ahead of us. Half-way through already, and still having almost all of the target yet to do means we'll once again be very big-deal dependent. Driving those to closure on the schedule we want is always a nail-biting way to run a business, but somehow or another that seems to be the outcome, quarter-in and quarter-out. You'd have thought I would have got used to it by now, but clearly not!

I suppose it's some consolation that sitting on an aeroplane makes you feel like you are contributing, in some small way at least. That, and paying the bill for dinner with the customer, which on this first leg of this trip will end-up being quite large, especially if past behaviour is anything to go by ....

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