Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hot Days in Yosemite

As this shot helps tell, it was a hot few days in Yosemite Valley. Temperatures hit over 100 degrees in the Valley, so suffice to say we limited the time spent down there, heading instead to Tuolumne Meadows to hike up by Gaylor Lake (trail head right by the Tioga Pass entrance). On the way we stopped at Tenaya Lake for a bite of lunch and after hiking for a few hours we stopped-off at Glacier Point to see sunset on Half Dome. (I'll post some more shots over the coming days.)

Anyway, in the morning we took the two hour guided "Ansel Adams Photographic Walk" around the meadows on the Valley floor. It was run by the resident photographer from the Ansel Adams gallery and was designed to both show the locations where Ansel Adams took some very well known pictures as well as to give some general photographic pointers. It was well done and a great way to get to know a bit of the park I've only ever driven by on the way in or way out.

Amazingly enough, the crowds and traffic weren't too bad for what one would expect to be amongst the busiest weeks of the year. Some people really do like the brake pedal on those windy roads, though .....

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