Monday, September 3, 2007

Tight Week Ahead

But before we get to that, apologies for the quality of the shot I posted yesterday. I think I exported the wrong one out of Lightroom, resulting in an image that was a bit flat and hazy. I've discovered that it's hard in Blogger to replace one shot with another cleanly because you end up with duplicates in the gallery online and formatting in the post all shot to hell. In short, it will remain there, a testament to my own ineptitude. Here's another one, therefore, to see if I can cope better in black-and-white.

Yet another board meeting this week. Combine that with trying to get everything set-up after we moved offices last Friday, as well as various customer meetings and preparation for an upcoming trip to Japan, means that this week will be a mess. And perhaps more so than I yet realise? Rather wisely, I thought, I left the office on Wednesday, well in advance of the main moving activities happening Thursday and Friday. In reviewing with people how it all went, it sounds like Equity Office (our landlords once again) were their usual disorganised selves, resulting in short tempers, frayed nerves and an all-round general air of negative vibes hanging over the new premises. We made it in, but not yet clear to me that there isn't some clean-up still to do.

EOP are their own worst enemy, and particularly in this one regard: They don't write down anywhere how one is supposed to organise an office move, preferring instead to rely on the flawed notion of oral tradition as a way of communicating to in-coming tenants how this is supposed to work. (Rather than boring you all to death with this stuff here, if you are interested then feel free to e-mail me for the sordid details of how you have to use their contractors for a bunch of stuff, a fact you only find out after playing twenty questions with their local managers, a game that spreads out over the weeks you thought you had to sort all this stuff out, but then don't. )

I always wondered why EOP had such a bad rap amongst other CEOs I've talked to, so on the plus side I suppose at least I got that question answered.

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