Friday, September 28, 2007

War Is Hell

Alas, can't include it directly into this posting but take a look at this YouTube offering.

Done that? Right. Things you might conclude from this, and by the numbers:

1. Allah is not Chinese, or if He is then He's not playing for the home-team's arms industry.

2. The power of prayer does not, apparently, extend to precluding weapon malfunctions.

3. If Al Quaeda offers you a job, don't check the box for "Artillery Division" or, for that matter, "Videography".

4. Ballistics 101 must be optional at terrorist school, or at the least these happy-campers missed the bit about laying down a repeatable pattern. Repeat after me, "mortars are not hand-guided weapons."

5. When videoing dangerous military operations, splash out for the really long telephoto lens. Your softer, fleshier parts will thank you later-on.

6. If Iran really is supplying these weapons to Iraqi insurgents then we should do everything we can to encourage the expansion of this trade.

Peace out.


I said...

yikes! trying to work out if he dropped the shell into the tube the wrong way round!

Suppose it doesn't all came to a sticky end!

J said...

Hmm, never thought that he may have dropped it in backwards. Took a look but couldn't really tell. As you say, a somewhat moot question given the result!