Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tokyo Rain

Well I certainly got drafted to head here at just the wrong time of year. It's hot, humid and either raining or about to rain, except when the sun comes out when it gets even hotter and you now hope it switches back to rain very, very soon. Oh, and of course you are wearing a suit, and get to spend much of the day wedged into the Tokyo subway system with roughly half-a-million of your now very close-indeed Japanese friends. Having spent a number of years commuting by train in the UK, I now remember all too well just why I hated it so much.

Business aspects went OK, with the end of the week being better than the beginning. Even so, things move very slowly here, and coming from the USA the need to take that "longer term" view gets to be very frustrating, not to mention expensive. Still, Japan continues to be a place that is just too attractive to ignore so we'll continue to pay our dues, put in the time and see what we can make happen. I hope I see the returns before I retire, is all.

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