Saturday, September 15, 2007

SV Toy

Shot outside the Village Pub in Woodside (where else?) Ferrari's finest and yours for a mere $300k, plus a bit more if you get heavy handed with the options list which the owner of this one had. (Carbon ceramic brakes, for example, adding a mere $18,555 to the base price of $250k.)

Good for him, I say, and I look forward to the day when working through which of those same option boxes to tick is my biggest problem du jour. Which begs the question, how much do you have to have sitting around the bank in order to sensibly - and I use the word advisably - let yourself go out and buy such a thing? I reckon it's about 10x the price, or the equivalent of dropping 10% of cash-to-hand on such a plaything.

"Goals are good", as they say ....

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