Saturday, July 21, 2007

Deck Update

Some of you may be wondering what the update was on the termite saga at home, first discussed here.

The good news was that we avoided having to have the whole house tented. There were very few signs of the little blighters when we pulled off part of the siding and accompanying trim-work, so the bug-man said we were OK with spot-treating those areas.

Bad news was that we had to demolish a double-decker, err, deck to get us here. Debris neatly piled in the driveway and pictured above shows the result. Just to add to the repair cost, the joists forming the deck were simply the house joists extended outwards. Yup, the deck was, in part, holding the house itself up ...

(There are bits of the upstairs bedroom by the end wall I tend to now tread upon very lightly indeed these days.)

Still don't have an estimate for slapping all this stuff back together but my guess is another $6k minimum. Therefore, may have to considering eBay'ing the dog's collection of deer bones you can just see being modelled atop the electricity meters. Feel free to make a "buy now" proposal if you are so minded!

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