Friday, July 20, 2007

Potter Plotter Exposed by EXIF?

Interesting article in the Times regarding the leaked final Harry Potter book that was posted on Bit Torrent. Some in'duh'vid-ual took a picture of each page and posted the jpgs. Alas, he/she forgot to remove the EXIF info from each post so the Feds, well, publishers anyway, now know the camera (Canon Rebel 350) and serial number. Oh, and what their carpet looks like of course.

If the perp registered their purchase with Canon, took it in for repair or otherwise logged it somewhere then, as they used to say in the Sweeney, "you're nicked, son, and where's me dinner?" (British TV classic. Catch it if you can. Inspector Morse before he got all cerebral. Seriously.)

Moral of the story? If you are going to do dumb things with photos, at least read the damn manual!
How does it all end? Turns out, HP is a closet social realist with revolutionary tendencies. He stages a coup at the obviously bourgeois & corrupt Hogwarts and has Dumbledore, Snape and the rest machine-gunned and buried out in the woods. He then returns to Muggle land, moving into a council block in Leytonstone, and gets hooked on crystal meths & methadone, dying in the gutter two years later. Hermione goes with him, taking to crime to feed his habit and ends up pregnant and doing a 5 stretch in Holloway.

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