Thursday, July 26, 2007

No Wiley Coyote Cartoons In China, I Guess?

OK, listen, I know you can all keep a secret so hear me out: I have a perfect plan to make millions, cash out and escape scot free. And I know it works, because I just did a dry run.

Here's how it goes. Since we all work for the bank, managing the safe etc., we have access to the keys right? The bank only audits the actual cash levels in there on an irregular basis, so for some period of time they only think they know how much money is in there, the actual amount could be different and they'd be none the wiser

Last weekend, I took 25 Gs home in a sack and then blew the lot on - well, guess what? No, not drugs and hookers, but now you mention it .... No really, I put the whole shebang - and this is so brilliant I can only smile each time I think of it - on the LOTTERY! Easily won enough to put back the money I took before anyone noticed, and there was a tidy sum left over for yours truly in the process. It's foolproof I tell you! The Acme Corporation would love to get their hands on this idea.

So here's what we're going to do. Let's up the ante. We'll walk out of here over the next month with a cool six or seven mill so there's absolutely no chance we won't win the big payout, right? We'll clear more than enough to put it all back and then call in rich on Monday morning! We'll be laughing all the way to the bank and back out again.

Wiley Coyote, you little genius you ....... or maybe not?

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