Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sad Tidings

Sorry for the break in service here, and I'll be pretty brief today.

Monday afternoon one of our dogs, Caitlin, passed away. Those of you who know Susan can imagine how devastated she was - is - about the loss, and I freely admit to this hitting me pretty hard as well.

We got Caitlin as a puppy to keep her company when I was commuting back-and-forth between the UK and the US for fifteen months, only being home one week in every eight. She then came with us as we moved to California, quickly adapting to new smells, new animals to chase and new paths to walk.

Caitlin wasn't part of the family, she *was* the family. She's sorely missed. For those who'd like to see some more of her in different stages of her life, there are a few other shots here.
Normal programming will be resumed soon.

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I said...

I know what joan was like when we lost the horse! sorry to here about Caitlin - Big loss