Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google Earth - The Downside?

Saw this video short in Slate today. Extremely well done, fun and very clever. (And don't go telling me you never wanted to pull this kind of thing off because I just won't believe you, and though the mutilation bit at the end might be just a bit too extreme, perhaps, the rest looks to me to be rock-solid, good-idea material!)

As you can now easily tell, therefore, I'm (a) writing this at work instead of, well, working and (b) my car is hidden in the multistory car park just in case I need to make an anonymous getaway later today.

And in case it isn't obvious, Slate really is one of the best destinations on the WWW today. Highly recommended.

(Before you ask, I did indeed try embeddeding the clip for your more immediate viewing pleasure, but the code blew-up proclaiming itself un-empowered to be running this video-ette here. Seems a bit snobbish to me - I mean, isn't my blog good enough for them? - but waddya gonna do?
UPDATE: It would seem this screwy video sharing service can't even get its link names right. Click, and the correct video starts to play but then it goes & loads something else. If you therefore find yourself watching "Dear Prudence" instead, just select the proper "Google Earth's Downside" video from the set on the right of the screen.)

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