Friday, July 27, 2007

These Canon Lenses Are Hot!

Literally. This story describes one of those ill-starred trips we all suffer through from time-to-time, when everything that can go wrong, does. A Reuters team covering the Tour de France managed to endure the following: stolen camera (new Canon Mk III); parking tickets (London - so no surprises there); electrical failure on first van (Renault - ditto); heart attack; turbo blows and incinerates entire vehicle (Renault - again). For a moment there, they almost manage to salvage some personal effects, but the exploding Espace sprayed the stuff they pulled out moments before with melting plastic so they caught fire any way, including the above equipment.
Still, at least they made it into the news which, since that's their job, I suppose is some real consolation! And no photographers were hurt in bringing you this story.

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