Thursday, July 19, 2007

Colour Processing - Art or Artifice?

Ready To Fly, Elfin Cove, AK

Been seeing a number of photographers using various kinds of post-processing steps to do some very different things with their work in terms of overall colour and feel. Of those, I think David over at chromasia is by far the leader, but others I've seen also have significant merit (headphone, DW, BlueHour).

Personally, I enjoy these works and find that they do have something to say over-and-above what the original shot might be able to convey. However, working in this way & creating something fresh and worthwhile as artistic statements is a very narrow path, and only the truly talented can walk it with aplomb. Step too far off to one side and even "artifice" doesn't cover it; the results are at best cliched and at worst, well, worse than cliched.

The shot above is my first stab at going down this road, and I've tried to do so with a light touch to begin with (neatly embracing neither art nor artifice, in fact). I'll try taking some other steps forwards over time and will post any that seem to me to be making progress in the right direction. (DISCLAIMER: Of course, being a bit colour blind might be a handicap for me on this one so please excuse the odd pink tinge or purple tree. Unless I can claim that's what I meant to do, of course!)

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