Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alien Invaders

A couple of months ago I was woken up in the middle of the night by this very loud "crack" coming from somewhere in the house. It sounded to me like something quite important to the structure somewhere had snapped. Anyway. I went around the place but couldn't see any signs of damage anywhere, so gave up and went back to bed.

This weekend I noticed that one of the main supports for the deck on the outside of the house had split, revealing a large and well-fed family of termites living in it! I think I have finally figured out what the noise was - it was the sound of $2,500 vaporising in an instant, because that's what it will cost to replace this chunk of wood. Bugger. And that's working on the - as yet untested - assumption that the family hasn't moved out from its original home to colonise other bits of wood like, oh I don't know, shall we say the house frame?


I said...

Ouch. When the woods cut out, i would take it into the trees, stand it up and have a pop at it with the 12g. No other reason than revenge!

J said...

I was tempted to shoot it where it was - except I didn't fancy dealing with the aftermath of the deck collapsing around my ears!