Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day 9: Denali by Train

We spent most of the day today on the Alaskan railroad going the 250-odd miles to Denali National Park. Caught the train around 8:30 am and arrived around 4 pm.

Definite upgrade from British Rail, not least because the food was better and it arrived on time despite the challenging terrain it crosses. I was very impressed by the time I got off, a confidence that was to be severely dented in a few days time …

The train wound its way through some interesting scenery and the viewing cars on the back afforded everyone a great view of what was going on outside.

We arrived at the Princess Lodge Hotel, situated close to the entrance to the park, and although it was clearly there to serve the needs of the large cruise lines (i.e. Princess Cruises, who own it) it was clean and comfortable, with food that was “OK” but not great.

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