Saturday, June 16, 2007

Motorsports Overload

A fantastic weekend's racing in prospect. The 24 hour Le Mans running in very variable weather conditions, Lewis Hamilton putting his McLaren on pole again, besting Alonso fair-and-square, and, for those of you who like 400 miles worth of left-turns, NASCAR in Michigan.

For me, I'll take one and two but pass on three. Nevertheless, I tuned in for a quick look to see how JP Montoya is fairing. "Not great", seems to be the answer. In the last 10 races he's not been able to finish higher than 20th, though early in the season 5th was his best result. Doubtless, it's a car/team issue because he's clearly a very quick and gifted driver, but was this really worth throwing in the F1 towel for?? Right now in the practice session I'm watching he's dead last. Bummer, dude!


I said...

Sad moment in the USA GP! I fell asleep for about 10 mins near the end. Was it the GP or my old age?

J said...

Your old age sunshine! Certainly a bit less heart-in-the-mouth than last week in Canada but great to see LH fending off Alonso to keep the win. Interesting to see Alonso say that it was his start that cost him the race and not the mistake he made near the end when he stuck it on the grass!

Bet Silverstone is now a solid gold sell out!

I said...

only 362 days till i'm in my 40's :)

Fissy was the only exciting bit of US GP as he went through field at corner 6 and 7 - oh and the attempt Alonso had on the main straight, though i thought this was more of a statement to the team than a real serious attempt at passing.

J said...

Lot of drivers now having to prove their worth like Fisi, DC etc. - not the least of which is Ralphie who, if reports are true, is getting $20m for doing an average job.