Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day 8: Heading Back to Juneau

No Vision, No Parking

Today we got back into Juneau, docking around 8 am. We were very sorry to leave the ship – Cruise West did a great job all round and I’d heartily recommend them - but it was time to move on, this time north into Denali National Park.

Since our flight wasn’t until early afternoon, we took a side trip to the Mendenhall Glacier. This was just a short bus ride out of town and was clearly a popular tourist destination judging by the number of visitors we saw walking there. Associated with this glacier is a large waterfall that sits alongside. This seemed to be flowing at full tilt as the heavy winter snows had clearly now begun to melt quickly. I was crouching down on some boulders taking pictures and noticed some kid up above throwing rocks. I didn’t think much of it until he threw one that was a) large, and b) struck about a foot behind me. The air turned blue as I emphatically explained why that wasn’t a smart thing to be doing …

Off to the airport to catch a flight to Anchorage. Everything went smoothly and we had a couple of hours in the town before dinner. We asked an Alaskan resident earlier in the trip what they thought about the place. Their response was “small town with big city problems” and that seemed to sum things up very well. Apart from a few shops and restaurants in the downtown area it didn’t seem that Anchorage had much to offer (though dinner at a local brew-pub, was very good, with us having some of the best calamari I’ve ever eaten.)

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