Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Liberated - So How Was It For You?

Anyone watch the interview with the newly-released PH last night on Larry King? Nope, me neither. I was at a (free - kind of) Sheryl Crow concert, courtesy of Freescale, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios. (I did say we geeks know how to party, right?) However, I did just see a couple of highlights and wished I'd recorded it, if for no other reason than to help me get to sleep tonight.

Larry King had to keep finishing her sentences; she denied ever taking drugs (yeah, right); her favourite bible passage was "don't have one"; yes, she was strip-searched; and overall the whole experience was "gross". She claimed to have read to pass the time (hard to believe) and to have written down her thoughts (laughable).

Oh, and she overcame her claustrophobia in the second stint in the pokey by "talking to herself". Bet that was a thrilling externalised Socratic dialogue .....

Please, oh powerful TV gods, can we now have her sink into total obscurity?? Please?

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