Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wet Weekend In The West

Not much to report. Weekend was a washout but we did pick up close to 3 inches of additional rain which should help us close-in on the typical annual total up here. NWS threatened us with worse than we actually got - winds were strong elsewhere, but not at our house - so things were easier than was the case for the January 4th storm.

Given that I couldn't do anything else, collating what's needed for that annual ritual of tax time here in the USA seemed like a good thing to do. Makes me feel I've accomplished something at least, even if I don't much like the results! Dogs hate it though. They get bored both with bad weather and with me not paying attention because I'm staring at indecipherable bits of paper.

And talking of washouts - or maybe wash-ups? - Ralph Nader's running again. Are the Republicans paying him to do this? They should, because it's good news for them. Last time out he garnered 3% of the vote and was widely credited for putting Bush into the White House because the bulk of those votes were culled from the Democratic candidates.

Will we see the same thing in '08? Probably not. That 3% largely reflected the weak choice of alternate candidates on the left, a situation that surely won't be repeated this year. Oh, and Nader is also on the list of things dogs don't care about. They may have this one spot on.

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