Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Sordidity In My Future, But Not Much Murder

Thanks to the image archive here, I've learned that there may be sordidity ahead in my future! Not exactly sure what that means, but it can't be all bad, right? Alas, I think I also worked out that I'm a dollar short and a cent shy of riches, and that I'm a bit under-served on the depravity front. However, and rather thankfully, I'm also apparantly without any signs of future murders being writ large on my right hand, which is good. Oh, and despite the supposed tendency towards sordidity, somehow I seem to have missed getting a signal that there's any chance of adultory ahead, which seems to go against the grain somewhat if I understood what being sordid actual entails?

Unimpressed, I'll stick to phrenology instead as a way of predicting future events. That, and believing everything politicians promise during the candidate selection process of course ....

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