Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just Because I Could

For not much reason other than to see what could be done, I took one of the pictures from the Audi Experience and processed it in Lightroom to see what kinds of effects could be achieved. Admittedly, the original was pretty flat and, as you can see from the sky behind, it was also one of those days where shooting shiny metal things from a low-down position didn't do anyone any favours. Still, it shows that even with the ability to do only global changes Lightroom does still allow you to add some measure of personal style into a shot.

Not sure how many posts I'll get to this week as it's pretty much wall-to-wall with board meetings, VC get-togethers and other planning/funding stuff so apologies in advance if it gets quiet for a few days here. Just wish I wasn't also coming down with something unpleasant I seem to have picked up today ....

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