Monday, February 4, 2008

No Supers For Me

With extremely poor timing, I left the US on Saturday evening to fly to Europe, thereby missing Super Bowl and Super Tuesday all in one fell swoop.

In one of them, the underdog won-out in a last minute thriller. In the other, New England ended the season 18-1, the only problem being that the "1" was the final!

OK, OK, I'll come clean. Check the time stamps and you'll see that this is my clumsy way of noting that McCain has a shot at taking the Republican nomination tomorrow, with California in particular up for grabs. But what happens if he does? Does that nullify the rest of the process, allowing McCain instead to focus on acting like the candidate instead of a nominee? Can they then switch gears and spend what's been raised on waging the national campaign instead?

And what happens to the Democratic party if one candidate wins the actual vote but would have instead lost out if they added back in the votes nullified in states that moved up their primaries? Is this a virtual hanging chad situation all over again? I mean, it only takes one lawyer and before you know it .....

Tricky cove, American politics.

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