Friday, February 8, 2008

London Left

Just made it back home after briefly stopping off in London. Had an excuse to swing by the Frontline restaurant in Paddington once again, a place that's becoming quite a regular haunt. I mean, who could refuse the idea of fishcake and chips, followed by a Rolo-inspired chocolate pot? Well, not me for one. As before, good solid cooking, classic British dishes, first-rate ingredients.

Walking back, I came in via the Paddington station concourse and decided to grab a quick shot just to see how a new toy would work out. I recently picked up a Canon G9 and wanted to test out how it would handle low-light situations. "Not at all bad" is the answer, especially as there is clearly some blur evident on this one and hence this is far from a fair shot to be posting in answer to that question. The camera is a bit heavier and a bit larger than the normal pocket digicam I carry, but it has the singular advantage of offering a RAW capture capability and so I plan to start taking it along instead from here on in.

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