Friday, February 1, 2008

Flying Nude?

Surely, they can't be serious, can they? Those wacky East Germans have organized the world's first naturist flight, starting in July of this year.

The rules are such that passengers must board and disembark fully clothed, but in between anything goes. Or rather, everything goes, I suppose. However, the crew will stick to their uniforms, a fact I could have doubtless phrased a bit better.

Given that, on my flight back from Austin, the stewardess dumped a carton of milk into someone's lap, I'd be scared witless every time I saw the coffee trolley going by if it were me lounging there in the buff. Oh, and being Germans, they will of course be sitting on towels that they probably had to put out before dawn in order to claim their territory. (No, I didn't make that piece up. Towels will indeed be acting as seat covers.)

The picture? If you needed proof that whatever you come up with, someone has already been there, it's remarkable what people will blog about when it comes to improving airline security ...

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