Thursday, February 21, 2008

Microsoft Deserves To Lose .. If Anyone Was Fighting

I mean, what's wrong with Redmond these days? They can't even get the fix right that enables the main fix to work that is supposed to fix Vista. This would be embarrassing if it wasn't so sad and pathetic.

With a few more miles under my belt running Vista, I'd have to say that this is by far the worst OS release I've seen since the old 3.1 days. Compared with XP, it manages to be slower and way more unstable, seemingly with large swathes of the stuff suffering from the most rudimentary of problems. Yeah, maybe some of it is down to Toshiba and their installation, but frankly I doubt it. Microsoft should hang their heads in shame at ever having shipped Vista in that state at all, let alone it being this way for what, a year or more now?

In the words of Bart Simpson, Vista manages to suck and blow all at the same time. As and when I get a chance to try out SP1 I'll let you know if it makes any major improvement to this thing but meanwhile avoid it like the plague it surely is.

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