Monday, May 19, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Cheek-by-Cheek Racing ....

Believe it or not, the featured race on Saturday was in the Rolex Grand Am series and went by the name of "Rum Bum 250".

A chap I once worked with in the UK used to be in the Royal Navy, and in his own words the main interests of his ship mates comprised "rum, bum and gramophone". This echoes words falsely attributed to Churchill (though it's claimed he wished he'd said them) on those great naval traditions of rum. sodomy and the lash, supposedly uttered when some high ranking officer was trying to argue his case for more funding.

This of course begs the question, "who on earth would come up with such an idiotic branding name?" Answer? Bacardi rum. Try the following corporate market-speak for size ...

"Rum Bum is a company and brand owned by Luis Bacardi. Rum Bum’s business plan includes the launch of, Rum Bum TV, Rum Bum Gear and the development and marketing of Rum Bum signature products.

Rum Bum is not only poised to become a recognized brand but also a lifestyle. Upcoming Rum Bum sponsorship investments will be made to increase brand awareness and name recognition."

Rum Bum is poised to become a lifestyle?? Already is in the Navy, matey.

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