Sunday, May 18, 2008

Race Day

Monterey Festival Of Speed, 2008

Saturday was the Monterey Festival of Speed, so obviously I decided it was a priority to skive-off there for a day. Originally, the program was supposed to feature the CART championship race that was, until last year, being held in downtown San Jose, but the reunification of CART and Indy racing meant that it got cancelled. Instead, the day offered Formula BMW, Formula Atlantic, IMSA and the Rolex Sports Car series. More on that in a later post.

Anyhoo ... it was as hot and sunny on Saturday as it had been earlier in the week, which of course meant I got sunburned, though less than last year so I suppose I've learned something even if not quite yet to use sunscreen. Perhaps because of the program change, it wasn't particularly crowded so finding space to sit in the shade up by the Corkscrew was fairly easy and there were no issues walking round the paddock, buying food or even getting a good seat in the grandstand, so long as you don't mind sitting in the blazing sun that is.

Fine way to spend a day, and a reminder that no matter how much money you may have then racing will soak it all up, and then some.

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