Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SV Goes To SD

The great-and-the-good from Silicon Valley and beyond are in San Diego this week (motto: "cheap Mexican drugs just a short drive away") at the All Things Digital conference. Not there myself, a fact that speaks volumes about where I rank, but instead I get the privilege of going around saying that I get to stay in the office and work, thereby avoiding having to rub shoulders with the likes of Jeff Bezos, Steve Balmer and Jerry Yang. Err, hang on, check out the last two names. Yup, both are on the agenda.

Alas, the web site doesn't reveal whether or not they are there at the same time, but one can hope. I do know at least one of the attendees so I'll let you know if I can uncover anything interesting above and beyond what everyone had for lunch or how the golf course was (first item on the agenda, apparently).

Last year featured a head-to-head with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. What better way to top that than to have Balmer and Yang duking it out?

First to two falls, one submission or a knockout, winner takes all. Now that's what I call a proxy fight!

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