Thursday, May 15, 2008

101 On The 101

Nope, we're not talking speed for once but rather temperature. In fact, according to what my car was telling me today while driving just a few miles on 101 from a local meeting back to the office, it was at least 103 degrees out there.

Good day to be in the office (air conditioned at someone else's expense); bad day to be sitting in traffic (sun beating down, price of petrol, death by frustration, black interior and dash). However, both places are preferable to home where our air conditioner can barely keep the main living room down to a comfortable temperature and stands no chance at all of cooling the main bedroom, conveniently located right under the roof in a open plan house so it's guaranteed to be the hottest room in the place bar none. And no, it doesn't cool off at night when we get these high pressure systems parked over the desert states.

More of the same promised tomorrow, with precious little relief on Saturday when I'll be spending all day in the heat-bowl that's Laguna Seca.

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