Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time To Feed The Beast

Well that was quick. Yesterday, stories were swirling around that Icahn's position in Yahoo! might lead to a proxy battle and today we find the first shots have now been fired.

As reported by Yahoo! news (ah yes, irony for breakfast again in Silicon Valley) by way of Reuters, '"If Jerry Yang had a tough time dealing with Steve, wait till he meets Carl Icahn," said Colin Gillis, a Canaccord Adams analyst.' Indeed.

Never met Icahn myself - we move in somewhat different circles, him being in the top 50 wealthiest men in America, and me being .... well... err... nothing equivalent really - but his reputation of scaring the living daylights out of CEOs who don't bend to his particular brand of shareholder activism precedes him, usually by about a country mile.

Jerry, quick word of advice: don't answer any phone calls coming in from the east coast if you don't recognise the number. And never, ever, forget to carry that garlic .....

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