Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow? Kind Of ....

We did indeed get some snow here in the Santa Cruz mountains yesterday, but not actually at the house.

On the drive home from the office, I climb up to around 2,100 feet before heading back down to the 1,300 foot level where we live. Snow was falling last night at the higher elevations, but the snow level never really dropped below 2,000 feet, at least during the storm through here last night.

However, Thursday evening the NWS predicts snow levels dropping down to 1,000 feet and a much wetter - read "snowier" - system than just hit. Friday may yet be a "snow day" holiday!

(Alas, I found my pocket camera battery was flat so apologies for not having a shot of my own. The one posted above is where Highway 9 meets Skyline Boulevard and was featured on the Channel 2 KTVU website.)

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