Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh Yes They Did

All that's left to hope for is that these are banned before they reach any degree of market penetration outside of LA drug gangs. Yes, someone has figured out how to embed multi-coloured LEDs into the spokes of a custom set of SUV or truck rims and have them therefore become mobile notepads or billboards. Throw a wireless connection and laptop-based configuration software into the mix and before you know it you can now display fully-synchronized images, of your personal chosing, that sit in the centre of the wheels on your pimp-mobile whilst cruisin' the streets. Niiiiccce!

The photo above gives some kind of impression just how awful this will be, but the video here, from the friendly folks at PimpStar, gives full rein to just what exactly will be coming to a freeway/motorway/McDonalds car park near you soon. From what they show, it's apparently a very good way of picking up high-class floozies who happen to be driving a Ferrari 430 convertible through Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Watch and weep, dear reader, watch and weep.

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I said...

i am sure they would look trick on the new 335i ;-)