Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Down, Two To Go

One storm - the first and smallest of the three forecasted - has now passed. The NOAA Los Gatos meteorological site showed a wind gust of 60 mph; own own weather set up (nailed to the chimney) said that we saw a much more modest 13 mph! To be fair, our anemometer is not that accurate and only samples every few seconds, plus we are lower down and a bit more sheltered when the winds are blowing primarily from the south. Rain so far at our house has totalled 0.71 inches.

The main blow-job ... if that's the right phraseology ... is set to start at 4 am tomorrow morning. The news just promised us 100 mph gusts in higher elevations, but again hopefully we'll experience wind speeds somewhat lower than those being predicted for the more exposed locations.

More news tomorrow, hopefully. Though if history is any guide, we'll lose power somewhere between 4 and 6 am, which will make posting the results somewhat difficult to saw the least. Not to mention that this will mean getting dressed in the dark, having very low water pressure and a garage door that won't any longer open at the press of a button. Think I'll work from home in that case. I mean, at least I can do e-mail via my PDA!

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