Sunday, January 20, 2008

Better Flashing

Despite what the title might make you think, this isn't anything to do with either roof design or what's practiced in the park by weird blokes in long raincoats.

Spent Saturday at a seminar run by the man behind the Strobist blog, David Hobby. He's a very experienced pro photographer on the Baltimore Sun, but specialises in lighting scenes with not much more than two or three flashguns. The blog has become so successful that David has taken a sabbatical to do his own thing for a year, one bit of which is doing these day-long sessions.

Main thing I got out of it was to learn about the control you can have to balance the flash output against the background light, raising or lowering each independently. Interesting stuff that I'll have to play with, though, in order to make it stick. Will pull my (single) flash out of the cupboard and run some experiments. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile, here are some fake cows eyeing real grass.

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Neil Cowley said...

That's a really witty shot!