Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fancy A New Car - Slightly Scratched .. ?

No, not mine, but from the same stable. Seems a BMW delivery ship had a bit of a mishap in New Jersey, resulting in damage to 470 new cars, including 120 complete write-offs. This is set to screw up the launch of both the new M3 and the 1 series, cutting the supply of dealer demos. Seems it's also done a bit of a number on customer cars ordered via the European Delivery option (get to drive the car around Europe straight from the factory and then it's shipped into the USA) and subsequently on their way to their eagerly-anticipatory new owners.

Glad I'm not the one receiving a call from the dealer that goes along the lines of "Sir, we have some good news and some bad news on your new car. The good news is that it's arrived and is sitting on the dock in New Jersey; the bad news is .... we're sending it to the crusher."

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