Thursday, January 24, 2008

A 4x4 Kind Of Day

Apologies for the quality - or rather, the lack thereof - of this shot but I was trying to drive with one hand and take a picture with the other, in poor light, and inside a bouncy truck. And as you can see from the conditions, it was anyway a bit challenging, what with the whole slipping-and-sliding thing going on.

Woke up this morning and big, fat, wet snow flakes were falling, so decided to take the pick-up. This turned out to be the right decision because wet snow fell pretty much all day in our area. The above view was on the way home and, as I'm sure you can sympathise with, this wasn't any day to be driving a brand new, rear wheel drive car running 18" low profile rubber ....

Normal service is supposed to be resumed tomorrow when it's back to just rain, albeit seven inches worth promised between now and Sunday.


I said...

Jeez. whats the drive like from the house up the hill? Do you get much snow on the road or do the tress provide cover?

BTW: It's just plain wet in the UK. Hasn't seemed to stop for weeks! Though today i did see a strange goldish looking think in the sky today. Someone said it was the sun. I'm not sure!

J said...

Well, it was OK in four-wheel drive mode but otherwise "slippery" would be the answer! Main problem is that in spots there are wet leaves, redwood branches and gravel so especially if you have FWD then getting up there would be a real challenge. Fortunately, in this storm the snow level was such that it was only really sticking on the top of our road, not down near us. Had the snow level been a few hundred feet lower then I'd not have even tried it! Last year there was one day (a Sunday) when with just a slightly colder storm then SUVs were getting stuck trying to get out from our road to the highway. Doesn't take much with those gradients!