Monday, November 5, 2007

Wupatki National Monument

Home straight here - time to leave Page and head towards the Grand Canyon but with one assignment left on the photo course: Wupatki National Monument at sunset. Thanks to directions that were less than ideal we stopped at the wrong site at first but finally figured out where we should have been at got there just in time. In addition to the sun set, we also got the moon rise! Alas, I only had my wide angle with me (the other lenses were in the car ... duh) hence the moon looks more like an bright star than anything else. On the monument itself, the colours were deep red for for the adobe bricks and dark blue for the sky. Even so, I think I prefer the black-and-white version, but I'll ponder it some more. Not sure yet on this one.

From here, we then drove to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days, the final part of our Arizona trip which I'll cover in the next post. All-in-all, we both enjoyed the course and certainly got value from it. (Happy to cover it in more detail via e-mail for anyone that's interested.)

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