Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Steering Gear

Spending quite some time these days working on the future: future funding, future strategy, future headcount. Whilst it's often said that few startups die because of a lack of strategy, it still has the potential to be a mortal - if slower-acting - blow.

Not yet sure what the outcome will be (stick to plan-of-record, branch off into a new direction, or something of both) but questions are coming up that we'll need to answer over the coming weeks. There's a lot going on that has to be processed and factored-in, and I'm sure we'll end up figuring it all out, but that still doesn't mean the journey will be easy or the route obvious.

We do indeed live in interesting times, and let's hope that's just a statement of fact and not the Chinese curse that out there and set to bedevil us!

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