Friday, November 23, 2007

Flying J

Back to Stockholm again, leaving Saturday and returning the following Friday. Frankly, I could do without this trip, not least because I still hurt and the thought of two flights and 13 hours in aeroplane seats fills me with a sense of impending dread. Add to that a lot of stuff piling up back in the office here in California and I really could use to stay home. Alas, there's also a lot to do in Stockholm so I really do need to go. Let's hope BA's economy class wine selection is up to the job of doubling as an anaesthetic.

Still, something to look forward to when I get back: a week on Monday I get to spend a few hours at Sears Point driving a clutch of new Audis, including the R8. Hope my back/ribs are up to it ....


bayarearunner said...

hope your back isn't too bad during the flight. i'm anxious to read your report after driving the R8. i saw it at the san francisco auto show this past weekend, and i think it's the sexiest sports car out there.

J said...

Thanks - but it can't be anything like as bad as what I know you have suffered through with back pain. Hopefully mine wil lsort itself out over time.

Yup, I'm looking forward to sampling the R8 too. Not sure how much seat time there will be but even so it should be very interesting to compare it to a 911.