Thursday, November 8, 2007

Memorial To History

Finally got round too to processing some pictures from an earlier trip to London. Was there with some of the team from the USA and so took them to the Tower Of London for a quick look-see. Have to confess, though, that this was as much for my benefit as theirs. I've not been there since I was 5 years old or thereabouts so in all honesty it felt like I'd never actually been there before. It was fun wandering around the ramparts and towers and considering how popular this place is then getting in wasn't too difficult. However, the queue inside the compound to see the crown jewels was much longer than any of us fancied standing in so I still have something to do next time around!

It's fun being a tourist in London. Can't think why I haven't done it before.

Anyway, here's a shot of the memorial placed at the site of the scaffold on top of which a great many beheadings took place over the centuries. Tomorrow I'll post another view of the same thing.


Karlin said...

There ought to be a term for someone who doesn't visit tourist destinations in their hometowns until after they've moved away. I was born in San Francisco yet only visited Alcatraz once I had moved away and I've still never ridden a cable car!

J said...

Indeed! It's amazing how easy it becomes to say to yourself "it will be there next week/month/year so why go now??"

I said...

I prefer this piccie....mainly due to the nice colour!

J said...

Thanks! Know what you mean.