Thursday, November 15, 2007

Running Out Of Steam

Apologies for the lack of posts this week but a few things have conspired to make each day run longer than expected. Take today, for example. Got to the office by 7 am and then ended up working straight through to 6 pm without a break. Took me an hour and fifteen minutes to make the journey home, a trip that's usually no more than 40 minutes. Another hour doing e-mail and so here we are trying to wrap the day up at 8:30 pm, thirteen and a half hours later.

Still, too, suffering from the fall at the weekend. Mostly it's OK, but all of a sudden I'll get a spasm kicking-in, a nasty reminder that I'm getting older and hence heal more slowly from this sort of thing. Having a back complaint is no fun whatsoever, leaving me with much more empathy for those who have this as a chronic condition than I ever had before.

As you can tell, we have lot going on at work right now and in this quarter in particular we are flat out trying to get things done before we simply run out of road for the year. What with Thanksgiving and Christmas, the sands of time are not falling in our favour.

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