Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tightrope Walking

That was close. In theory, I was supposed to have a two hour lay-over in Chicago before my San Jose flight left. But, as always when dealing with Chicago's ORD, life's never that simple. Some "weather" this morning meant that the in-bound flight to GRR was an hour late. Add to that a ground hold, applied 50 feet from the runway threshold, of another 55 minutes and all of a sudden things looked very dodgy indeed. Long story short, I made the connection with 10 minutes to spare, but only because the outbound to SJC was, you guessed it, 10 minutes late!

I'm definitely not paid enough for this, especially as the customer meeting was less than satisfactory. (New manager; very conservative; not willing to engage, 'Nuff said.)

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