Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Arrives In Silicon Valley

Coming back from Europe, it was very pleasant to find that temperatures here, even in San Francisco, were in the upper 70s and low 80s- definitely not bad for early March! We're therefore facing an early end to the rainy season, but for those whose homes are served by the public water main then summer supplies should be fine, it seems, despite the reservoirs only being at 60% capacity. (Our house is served by a ground well but even then we should be OK this year after the extended rains of last season). Yesterday saw record temperatures in the South Bay and the coming weekend is set to be a little hotter still. Hmm, I somehow think there's wood smoke and sizzling meat in my future!

There, got through an entire paragraph on unusual weather readings and didn't mention global warming even once.

Spring also seems to be arriving in the IPO and M&A markets out here. The newspapers are again starting to run stories on Microsoft and Cisco coming back to the table to buy key technologies (Tellme is the rumoured target in the case of Microsoft) and other smaller deals are starting to happen as well. And that's all a jolly good thing, so long as some of that lurve spreads our way!

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