Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cracking Race, Gromit

So, Ferrari are back, and it's like they were never away! Kimi seems to have slotted-in like the Schumacher era never existed and it's back to business-as-usual. Shame we never got to see how he and Massa would have fared head-to-head but there are 16 races left in which to try and answer that question. Of course, the other story was the frankly amazing debut by Lewis Hamilton. Here's a man completely new to Formula One, on a track he's never seen before (and one of the most technically challenging on the calender) and in his first race he drives with more composure, native speed and raw talent than almost any other racer out there, and ends up on the podium. Quite remarkable. The question for him is not if he'll win races, just when, and how many.

Oh, and thanks to DC for providing our first "lunge of the week" spot. Nice one! (Though parking ones car on the front of your opponent was over-egging the pudding somewhat!) Personally, I had Takuma Sato marked out for that one but there you go. He was content besting the number one Honda team, and judging by the pre-race interview having lots of fun doing so!

Good, too, to see Briatore back on fine form, lambasting Kovalainen's performance. "I don't need to protect anyone. It was rubbish", he's quoted as saying. I think this is one to chalk down to the racing equivalent of a "bad hair day", but the pressure on Heikki in race 2 will be enormous. Can't wait!

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